Anticovidians like the resistance movement in the Third Reich ?! The young man could not listen to this and interrupted the activist’s speech. VIDEO

The German media write on Sunday about the confrontation that took place during the protest against the restrictions related to Covid-19. One of the speakers compared herself to a resistance activist in the Third Reich, which was met with the reaction of a security guard, who accused her of trivializing the Holocaust.

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Anticovidians likeā€¦ resistance in the Third Reich ?!

I feel like Sophie Scholl because I am active in the resistance movement, give speeches, go to protests, distribute leaflets

– said a woman who introduced herself as John of Kassel during a demonstration on Saturday in Hanover.

According to the recordings published on the Internet, during Jana’s speech a young man approached the stage, handed the woman an orange vest and said that he would not protect “such idiocy”. He added that her words are “trivializing the Holocaust.” He was moved away from the speaker by other bodyguards and the demonstrator left the stage.

Who was the mentioned Sophie Scholl?

Sophie Scholl, who was active in the Christian-oriented anti-Nazi group White Rose, was caught distributing leaflets at the University of Munich in 1943. She was sentenced to death by guillotine beheading. She was 22 years old.

According to the AP agency, several people protesting against the restrictions in Germany tried to present themselves as victims of government persecution. Some of them wore Stars of David.


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