Anticipations ‘Men and Women’ of 11/27/20, the trash arrives: unmasked a lady who had intimate relationships with two knights hiding them from the editorial staff!

In the afternoon a new episode of Men and women, directly from the site here are the previews:

The episode begins with Gemma that continues to be seen with Maurizio. She invited him to dinner at home for a pizza but he, pretending not to have understood that she had given him an explicit invitation, took her out to dinner. It intervenes Valentina that warns Gemma that Maurizio he always told her that he doesn’t like her and that it was the editorial staff who diverted him to her. Thus an absurd fuss arises that leads the man to call a liar Valentina, after a loud discussion he pulls out screenshots of a conversation she has with Costantino, a knight who has been on the program for a short time, in which she urged him to say that they had only been together to see a movie when in fact they had had intimate relationships. It also turns out that he also had relationships with Nicola, absent for Covid. It seems that they agreed with him to wait for his return and then go out together. So you understand he was dating Maurizio just to lengthen the time.

Davide he went out with Chiara and left home Beatrice. She got angry but he confirmed that she is his favorite only this time he has not gone out to better live the situation with his opponent who is a bit behind her, since he has yet to make a decision. He didn’t want to go out with instead Valeria because he heard from the dressing rooms talk Giorgio, a suitor of Sophie, tell others that Valeria was watching him in the episode. She arrives very angry, extremely excited, claims she doesn’t know this at all Giorgio and then decides to quit. Davide does not chase her behind the scenes e Maria points out that this denotes an interest only in Chiara e Beatrice.

Sophie she went out with Giorgio and Antonio, who showed up on crutches because he broke his foot. She appears very happy with the two outsiders, she says she got on very well with both.

Armando he went out with Lucrezia and they discussed why there was no wine at the Self service where they ate, so she went to ask a guy at the reception who offered to accompany her to buy it at the nearby grocery store. He explains that he is angry for being alone, Gianni she calls him retrograde but he insists explaining that he found it disrespectful to leave without saying anything to him and to go with a stranger.

Last but not least, it parades Gemma dancing Flashdance and finally gets the water poured over him with a bucket. It takes almost all 10 and the audience standing ovation. Eventually it invites Maurizio after the episode at dinner and clearly makes him understand that ‘will want to go further‘and he does not disdain the hypothesis. For this reason it definitively closes with Biagio, with whom they still dated, because now she is cooked with Maurizio.

Gianluca he says Marianna that nothing has happened for him and so she leaves.

And what do you think of what happened?

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