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Friday January 10, 2020

Agnès Buzyn, Minister of Solidarity and Health, Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and Guillaume Boudy, Secretary General for Investment, kicked off on Thursday 9 January the priority research program endowed with 40 million euros dedicated to the fight against antibiotic resistance coordinated by Inserm on behalf of the entire national scientific community.

Inserm’s Chairman and CEO, Gilles Bloch presented to Frédérique Vidal and Agnès Buzyn the plan for implementing the research program in a so-called “one health” approach combining human health, animal health, and understanding of environments. This priority research program will be the subject of interdepartmental monitoring which will also involve the ministries responsible for agriculture and the environment within the framework of the major investment plan.

The call for expressions of interest for the priority research program is now published. It will make it possible to propose and then finance up to 1 to 3 million euros for very ambitious, structuring, long-term research projects (4 to 6 years), with the aim of promoting interdisciplinarity and bringing out a synergy of fundamental, environmental, clinical, public health, and veterinary research. Expressions of interest must relate to one or more of the following axes:

. Control and control the use and dissemination of antibiotics in all areas to reduce the pressure of environmental selection;

. To elucidate and slow down the emergence and spread of resistance mechanisms and resistant bacteria;

. Accelerate the innovation of diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive tools for bacterial resistance and its dissemination and propose new anti-infectious strategies;

. Understand the anthropological, sociological and economic parameters that contribute to the misuse of antibiotics.

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France is in 4e position of the countries that use the most antibiotics in Europe for human health. As a result, bacteria that cause serious illnesses are more difficult to treat than before. It is estimated that each year in France, 125,000 infections with multi-resistant bacteria cause around 5,500 deaths per year.

Faced with this crucial public health issue, France is particularly committed. An inter-ministerial government roadmap was adopted in 2016, aimed at reducing the consumption of antibiotics and reducing the health and environmental consequences of antibiotic resistance. Several information campaigns have also been carried out targeting the general public. To anticipate the consequences of antibiotic resistance, the government wishes to place research at the heart of its action, to understand the mechanisms by which resistance develops and spreads and to discover new therapeutic targets to deal with it.

Source: Ministry of Solidarity and Health


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