Anti-vaxers talked about World War III VIDEO

The coronavirus is already part of a political ideology. Vaccination campaigns ignite aggression on the streets of major European capitals. Any comment on pro or anti-vaccines incites the radicalization of entire groups of people.

Anti-vaxers talk about World War III and the seizure of human freedoms. This week in Germany, a cashier at a gas station was shot dead for remarking about not wearing a mask.

An unthinkable act, an act of hatred, extreme radicalization – politicians, commentators and thousands of citizens were shocked by the murder in the quiet town not far from Frankfurt. An opponent of the measures against the coronavirus shot a gas station employee who wanted to follow the rules and wear a mask.

“A 20-year-old man was killed. We do not want this violence in our country. We condemn the aggression and tell everyone that we will not allow it, “said Armin Lashet, the ruling party’s candidate for chancellor.

Hundreds of citizens gathered at the scene of the crime, shocked by what happened. They carried flowers and message cards.
“He was killed because of a mask. I’m sorry, but I can’t show any understanding to the perpetrator, who says that the measures pressed him. I also wear a mask. I comply with the restrictions. “Everyone should do it,” said residents of the town.

The country is also discussing the bigger problem. The perpetrator acted alone, but there are many like-minded people. There were people in radical groups in the Telegram application who welcomed his actions. The mayors of Leipzig, Frankfurt an der Oder, Bonn and other cities have warned that they are witnessing the radicalization of groups in society who are fiercely opposed to everything announced by the authorities. The phenomenon does not only affect Germany.

See more on the topic in the video.

Source: Nova TV



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