Anti-Covid measures, the Chamber approves the resolution of the majority

Meanwhile, around noon, the meeting of the Council of Ministers to extend the state of emergency for Covid to 31 January 2021 and approve the new decree law with the general anti-contagion rules began at Palazzo Chigi.

Bonafede: “In Cdm extra precautionary measures“” In the Council of Ministers we will go towards an extension of the state of emergency until January 31 and we will try to identify additional precautionary measures “. This was stated by the Minister of Justice, Alfondo Bonafede, specifying that” we are in a moment in which we are managing this health situation better than others: we cannot lose this advantage. We are moving towards a greater extension of the use of the mask. But we will evaluate together today what to do “.

Mask always with you Meanwhile, from the draft of the decree law that will provide the regulatory framework for the new anti-Covid Dpcm, “the obligation to always have with you, outside your home, personal protective equipment, with the possibility of providing for the mandatory use also outdoors when you are close to other people who do not live together, and in any case without prejudice to the anti-contagion protocols envisaged for specific economic and productive activities, as well as the guidelines for the consumption of food and drinks “. Children under the age of six, those who do physical activity and those with pathologies and disabilities not compatible with the use of the mask are excluded from the obligation.


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