Anti-Covid-19 Village in Wuhan, Currently Zero Deaths due to Corona Pages all – Virus corona cause Covid-19 first identified in the city Wuhan, China, at the end of 2019.

Wuhan is a city in the central region of China which was previously the epicenter of Covid-19.

The city, which is inhabited by 8 million inhabitants, was also the place with the highest number of positive cases and deaths worldwide in China.

Since being identified in Wuhan, the corona virus has spread to various countries, causing a global pandemic.

Based on data from Worldometers, Sunday (11/22/2020), the total cases of corona virus infection worldwide have reached 58,508,271 cases.

The corona virus has also killed 1,386,729 people.

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An anti-Covid-19 pilot village

Although the global corona virus pandemic originated in Wuhan, a residential area in the city of Wuhan has been named an anti-Covid-19 pilot village.

Reporting from Among, Sunday (22/11/2020) residential area Donghu, Wuhan, is considered successful in fighting the corona virus so it deserves to be named a pilot village.

Donghu is equipped with a health post and volunteers who are still active on duty, although in recent months there have been no new cases of infection.

“At the time of the lockdown in Wuhan, there were 32 cases here, but no one died,” said Zhuo Yanxia, ​​an official at the Donghu Health Post. Among, Saturday (11/21/2020).

The village that was visited by Chinese President Xi Jinping in March was inhabited by 3,325 households consisting of 12,765 people.

The majority of the residents of the village in the middle of the capital city of Hubei Province are elderly residents.

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Protect the elderly

When the lockdown was imposed in Wuhan from 23 January to 8 April 2020, a number of strict precautions were implemented in Donghu village.

This was done, because the majority of the villagers were elderly people who were a vulnerable group.

About 200 volunteers are deployed and work 24 hours a day to help the villagers get a supply of food and health services.

“Every day we go around. If there are residents who feel symptoms, we check them and we take them to the hospital for treatment,” said Zhuo.

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