Anti-American is work!Chinese professor once choked “2,000 renminbi is better than 3,000 US dollars” and was caught living in Texas, USA | Apple News | Apple Daily

Anti-American is work, and going to America is life! Chen Ping, a senior researcher and professor at the China Research Institute of Fudan University in Shanghai, China, who is vigorously anti-American, inadvertently revealed that he had bought a bungalow in the United States, lived for a long time in the United States, and spent the lunar calendar in the United States when he was interviewed by the media about the snowstorm and severe cold weather in Texas. new Year. After the report came to light on the Chinese Internet, netizens immediately criticized it: “I don’t know where to sit on my hips when I study it!” “Is this a banana person?”

According to Hong Kong’s Apple Daily, Chen Ping, 77, was trapped in a bungalow in Austin, the capital of Texas, when he was interviewed by China Observer on the 15th of this month. In the cold wave, roads are frozen, cars are almost impassable, power consumption is overloaded, and large-scale blackouts. He even said: “My modern new home is facing an energy crisis because there is only an electric stove, no natural gas or other energy. I drove a few shops in the morning and bought the last stove using a liquefied gas tank. I was ready to cook even after power failure. Dinner. As a result, I came back and drove near my home. The road was icy and the car could not climb the slope. I couldn’t get home. I could only park in the community parking lot. I was wearing climbing shoes and I couldn’t walk on the concrete road. I had to go around the garden grass.”

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He also said that because of the wind and snow, he was trapped at home and could not go out. The candles, lighters, and charcoal stoves in the local shops were all sold out. It may not be until tomorrow that traffic resumes. He will “fully prepare for water, electricity, and cell phone calls. prepare for”.

Chen Ping, who is also an adjunct professor at the School of Economics of Peking University and host of the program “The Sword of Meishan”, reported the cold wave disaster in extreme detail, but had no intention of exposing his New Year and long-term life in the United States, which aroused the resentment of netizens. Some netizens said that he once said in a speech in China that “It is better to earn 2000 a month in China than a monthly salary of US$3000 in the United States.” Now he went to live in the United States, “looking really ugly and disgusting”, “I thought He is a good person”, “Biden will take care of his family.”

Many netizens have chosen to insinuate: “Professor Chen Ping is really not easy. At that age, in order to obtain first-hand information, he took his family to hide for a long time…” “The reason why Professor Chen Ping bought a new house in the United States was purely academic research. Yes, the main purpose is to go deep into life, observe the misfortunes of the American people at close range, and thoroughly verify the accuracy of the theory that 3,000 US dollars is not as good as 2,000 yuan!” “Ms. Chen must undercover the United States and carry forward the anti-American cause!”

Chen Ping, born in Zhejiang and Chongqing, studied theoretical physics in the United States and obtained a doctorate degree from the University of Texas at Austin. After returning to China, he switched to studying economics, involving macroeconomics, financial economics, and microeconometrics , Cultural anthropology, etc., but it is his anti-American stance that made him famous. Chen Ping put forward various economic “theories”, criticizing the economic systems of countries such as Europe, America and India, and highlighting the “superiority of the Chinese model.”

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Public information shows that Chen Ping’s eldest daughter is an American citizen, the university is studying at MIT, and his son-in-law is an American. (Instant News Center/Comprehensive Report)


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