Anthony Ginting Advances to Final of Singapore Open 2023


Indonesian men’s singles Anthony Sinisuka advanced to the final Singapore Open 2023. Anthony passed seventh seed Kunlavut Vitidsarn (Thailand), who retired in the third game in a 19-21, 21-11, 6-1 position.

In the semifinal match of the Singapore Open 2023 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, Saturday (10/6) evening WIB, Anthony Ginting, who was the second seed, immediately faced tough resistance.

The two badminton players buy and sell attacks for each other’s points. Anthony Ginting was leading 8-6 but then turned 10-11 down during the interval in the first game of the semifinals Singapore Open 2023 This.

After that, Anthony Ginting kept trying to close the distance from Kunlavut Vitidsarn. After trailing 11-14, he was then able to equalize the score in the same 16th position.

Kunlavut Vitidsarn then drifted away again, until 19-16, with Ginting again able to equalize to 19-19! But in the process, Anthony Ginting was unable to stop his opponent from winning the next two points. He lost the first game, 19-21.

In the second game, the battle for points was running tough again. But after a 3-3 draw, Anthony Ginting was relatively in control by maintaining a point advantage over his opponent until the game’s interval, 11-6.

After the interval of the second gym, Anthony still kept control of his opponent who released several surprising shots. The chance of a point game was not thrown away by Anthony Ginting to win the second game, 21-11.

Entering the decisive game, Anthony Ginting immediately won the first four points thanks to an error from his opponent. Trailing 0-4, Kunlavut Vitidsarn requested medical rest on the shoulder.

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Medical break again Kunlavut requested in a position behind 1-6. Not long ago, Kunlavut Vitidsarn decided to withdraw and not continue the match. Anthony Ginting is also entitled to the final ticket.

In the final, Anders Antonsen is already waiting. The Danish men’s singles qualify for Singapore Open 2023 after winning the rubber game 19-21, 21-16, 21-17 over third seed Kodai Naraoka (Japan).


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