Anthony Albanese, Winning Labor Party Leader Becomes Prime Minister of Australia All

CANBERRA, KOMPAS.comAnthony Albanese will become Australia’s next prime minister after leading the Labor Party to its first election victory in nearly a decade.

Reported BBCas one of the country’s longest-serving politicians, he promised voters “safe change” when he successfully “kicked” out the conservative Liberal-National coalition that has been in power since 2013.

Deposed Prime Minister Scott Morrison is often described as a “bulldozer”, and Albanese vows to become a “builder”.

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After the pandemic, which saw Australian states cut off from each other and cities torn apart by strict lockdowns, fostering unity is a top priority for the new leader.

“I want to unite Australians. I want to seek our common goals and promote unity and optimism, not fear and division,” he said in a victory speech on Saturday (21/5/2022) night.

So, who is Albanese and how is his football?

Albanese, fondly known as Albo, has earned a reputation as a defender of Australia’s free healthcare system, an advocate for the LGBT community, a republican and a passionate rugby league fan.

The 59-year-old man was raised in a social home by a single mother with a disability pension. He often cites his upbringing as the basis for his progressive beliefs.

Albanese has been Labor leader for three years, taking over after a shock defeat to his predecessor Bill Shorten in 2019.

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But he has been a Labor supporter since his 20s.

He worked in federal and state politics before he was elected on his 33rd birthday to the inner city seat of Sydney in 1996.

In 2007, when the Labor Party came to power under Kevin Rudd, Albanese became minister of infrastructure and transport.

She remained an influential figure as the party entered a turbulent period after replacing Rudd with Julia Gillard in 2010.

Albanese was also instrumental in Kevin Rudd’s return as prime minister in 2013

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When Rudd reclaimed the post of prime minister in 2013, Albanese’s support saw him appointed deputy prime minister.

But he only held the position for 10 weeks because the Labor Party lost the election.

Albanese then put himself forward to be the head of the party. Despite being popular with party members, his rival Bill Shorten gained more support among lawmakers and landed the job, becoming the leader of Australia’s opposition.

Albanese’s time finally came in 2019, after Shorten lost two elections and was ousted as leader of the Labor Party.

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Albanese went on to become the leading voice of the left faction of the Labor Party, but since becoming leader he has positioned himself more centrally.

In the run-up to the election, he withdrew his support for a more aggressive climate action policy while escalating tougher rhetoric against China and national security.

As leader, Albanese has tried to attract more voters at the center

He also supports Australia’s controversial policy of denying any asylum seekers arriving by boat.

However, he has stayed true to his labor roots, pledging big spending on the country’s troubled elderly care sector, cheaper child care and reviving the manufacturing industry.

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The Labor Party has promised to hold a referendum to establish in the constitution the Indigenous Voice for Parliament.

It is an advisory body that will give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people a role in shaping the policies that affect them.

Albanese opened his victory speech by repeating this promise.

“I want Australia to continue to be a country where no matter where you live, who you worship, who you love or what your last name is, doesn’t limit your journey in life,” he said.

“I hope my journey in life inspires Australians to reach for the stars.”

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