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Original title: Antetokounmpo slashed 41+12+6, the Bucks won the Pacers with 7 players

CCTV news: January 28, Beijing time, in the NBA regular season, the Bucks defeated the Pacers 141-131, and the Bucks won 3 consecutive victories.

In the first quarter of the game, the Bucks’ offensive firepower was fully unstoppable. The Pacers bit the score in the first half of the quarter but could not continue to output in the second half. In the second quarter, the Bucks continued their form and scored 40 points again. Five of them scored in double figures in the halftime, and 85 points in the halftime also created the team’s scoring record this season and took a 29-point advantage into the second half. .

In the second half, the Pacers turned around and called the shots. In this quarter, Hilde scored 16 points alone. The Pacers responded with 43 points in a single quarter and recovered 14 points to preserve hope. In the final quarter, the Pacers still maintained their offensive momentum. At the same time, they resorted to the “Brother Antetokounmpo” tactic and chased to 7 points with an 11-2 offensive. In the end, the Bucks beat the Pacers away to win 3 consecutive victories.

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