Antasari Developer’s Peaceful Offer 45 Harmful, How come there are buyers who agree?


the bowl Antasari apartment 45 make developers sued for bankruptcy. Even so, PT Prospek Duta Sukses (PDS) managed to offer a Peace Agreement proposal and it was approved by the majority of its buyers.

However, the buyers who rejected the amicable proposal considered that what the developer was offering was actually not profitable. The reason is, the offer does not guarantee that the Apartment 45 project will be completed, nor will the buyers refund.

Then why do many buyers agree with the developer’s peace offer?

According to one of the 210 buyers of Apartment 45 who rejected the peace proposal, Erick Herlambang, many buyers were actually confused by the peace offer given. On the other hand, the developer is also touting new investors who are called competent and able to save apartment projects.

Indeed, from the results of the peace proposal, a public company that was even listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange became an investor and took over PDS. To be precise, the company is PT. Indonesian Paradise Property Tbk (stock code INPP).

“They are promoting that the new investors who enter are big companies, tbk, the money is a lot, the people are competent. Now some friends who don’t understand PKPU say this is a savior, they agree,” said Erick when met at Pacific Place, South Jakarta, Friday (21/1/2022).

Not to mention, according to Erick, a series of appeals were also given by the developer to the buyer to choose to agree with the peace proposal offered. For example, if you want to pay off the unit again after INPP takes over, the apartment unit will be given additional furniture.

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“What happened during the implementation was that he was given a gimmick. If you pay off you will get a unit with furniture at a price of Rp. 150 million. These friends are ‘afraid’ if they don’t say yes, the unit will be lost,” said Erick.

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