Answering Ahok’s Son’s Doubt, Ayu Thalia Hands Torn Pants to the Police


Ayu Thalia | visited the North Penjaringan Police to be investigated regarding the alleged abuse of Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok) child, Nicholas Sean Purnama, against him. Party Ayu Thalia | also submitted items of evidence related to the persecution.

“Tonight, we have been present at the Penjaringan Polsek since this afternoon to submit evidence related to this case. One of them is pants. The black pants have tears on their legs, the pants were scratched, which were worn at the time of the incident,” said Ayu Thalia’s lawyer, Rudi Kabunang, told reporters at the Penjaringan Police, North Jakarta, Friday (1/10/2021).

Rudi said the black pants were worn by Ayu Thalia when the alleged abuse occurred. He said his party was also coordinating with the police regarding the progress of the investigation.

“We are also coordinating with investigators about the progress of the investigation so far. It has been illustrated from the results of the witness statements and the evidence we have submitted, it is clear what events we are reporting on for our report here,” he said.

Rudi mentions Ayu Thalia | will also soon submit other evidence related to the alleged abuse by Sean. He said the evidence would be submitted on Monday (4/10).

“There is other evidence, maybe Monday afternoon we will do an additional inspection of the minutes for our client, to explain the evidence of WhatsApp communication which is around 5-6 pieces, print out. this problem,” he said.

Rudi explained that other evidence will be submitted on Monday, including a WhatsApp conversation between Ayu and someone. However, Rudi was reluctant to reveal who the person in question was.

“A conversation with someone, someone we can’t name. However, later in the investigation it will be proven who they are, who they are and what they’re talking about,” he said.

“Wait for Monday afternoon when we open, I will inform you that the conversation is very sensitive, yes. So it’s a secret or private conversation. We will tell you Monday afternoon,” added Rudi.

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