Answer Monday for the choice of the fallback stadium

Saturday August 15, 2020 at 8:30 pm -Article written by La Rédaction – React to this article

FC Annecy, which will play in National 1 this season, is faced with the loss of its stadium for several months following stands that are not in good condition. As a result, the club must find a fallback stadium and its decision must be made public on Monday. As explained The Dauphine, the club has considered about fifteen stadiums for a week and will therefore have to make its final answer.

The future president of the SAS talks about the difficulties of finding a stadium

Sébastien Faraglia, who is the deputy vice-president for the senior project and who will be inducted on Monday as president of SAS FC Annecy, spoke out and explained “It is really not easy to find a reliable and lasting solution. times, there is something wrong. The lighting, the dimensions, the lawn … “And the former mayor, Jean-Luc Rigaut, could well have found a solution because on Thursday he sent a letter to the prefect of Haute -Knowledge and the new mayor in order to give additional details on the state of the Sports Park. He called for a new homologation commission to be held in the coming week because for him “FC Annecy cannot be deprived of the resumption of the championship and the athletes of a place to train.”

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