Anson Lo Denies Rumors of MIRROR Members Leaving

Anson Lo Denies Rumors of MIRROR Members Leaving

When Anson Lo attended an event today (27th), he was asked about recent rumors on the Internet that some members of MIRROR will leave the group. Anson Lo responded to the rumors generously, saying: “Jeremy has these cap photos for me to see, good details. Well, that person was very detailed. I think most of them are things that have never happened. We all spent an hour seriously thinking about whether we did such things last time we went to an event…” , and emphasized in 6 words “I think it’s false” to clarify that the rumors were false.

onlineLiandeng discussion forumRecently, some netizens claimed that in recent months, they were transferred from “Da Tai PA” to ViuTV to be responsible for “following the boy group” and revealed unknown secrets. Among them, they said that the boy group “will undergo big changes” and “actually there will be big changes”. A member who has been in the queue for at least half a year wants to leave the group…or should we be together?” This once aroused heated discussion among netizens.

Image source: Viu1hk screenshot

source:Liandeng discussion forum

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