Another wine company was named!Jinshiyuanfang boldly claims that revenue has exceeded 10 billion

Original title: Another wine company was named!Jinshiyuanfang boldly said that revenue has exceeded 10 billion

On January 13, the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued a report on JiangsuThis worldWine industryShareslimitedthe companyInquiry letter regarding information disclosure matters.

The Shanghai Stock Exchange said that JiangsuThis worldIn the submission of “JiangsuThis worldLiquor Industry SharesLimited companyFive yearsstrategyplanningThe “Outline (2021-2025)” stated that by 2025, the company will strive to achieve revenue of over 10 billion yuan (for 15 billion yuan).To make a good start and start well, revenue in 2021aimsAround 5.9 billion yuan, for 6.6 billion.

The Shanghai Stock Exchange noted that from 2015 to 2019, JinshiyuanOperating incomeIncreased from 2.425 billion yuan to 4.874 billion yuan. Realized in the first three quarters of 2020Operating income 4.195 billion yuan.The company expects that its revenue in 2025 will exceed 10 billion yuan and strive for 15 billion yuan.OperatingPerformanceIt will have a significant impact on the company’s future operations, but the company did not provide sufficient and objective factual and forecast basis when disclosing the above predictive information.

Jin Shiyuan said that it will follow ShanghaiSecuritiesRespond to the requirements of the Exchange in a timely manner and fulfill the obligation of information disclosure.

On January 14, Jinshiyuan (603369.SH) had an increase of -0.56% as of two o’clock in the afternoon, and the stock price was 59.60 yuan.

In fact, the company’s majorBusiness informationRecently, many wine companies have been named.

On January 4, the Shenzhen Stock ExchangeAlcoholic liquorAnd the company’s directors and supervisors issued a supervisory letter stating that the company used non-statutory information disclosure channels to release important information related to the company’s operations on its own, violating relevant regulations.

On the same day, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange toWuliangyeSend a letter of concern, request clarificationWuliangyeGroup ofOperating resultsThe degree of relevance to the company’s operating performance, and on this basis, explain the relevantmeetingDoes the disclosed information belong to the companystocktransactionpriceInformation with significant impact.

  Kweichow MoutaiwithShanxi FenjiuIn December 2020, the two wine companies were also decided by the Shanghai Stock Exchange for regulatory concern due to similar circumstances.

According to Securities, Chansoncapitalexecutive directorShen Meng believes that there is a gap between the growth rate of liquor stocks and the growth rate of stock prices, and the regulatory authorities may indirectly prompt the risk of speculation in liquor stocks.

In 2020, the liquor sector will be in the secondmarketThe scenery is infinite.As of the close of the market on December 31, 2020, the liquor index rose 137.47% for the whole year, and the indexInclusionIncluding 18 liquor stocks rose across the board, of whichAlcoholic liquorShanxi FenjiuThe increase in 2020 will exceed 300%.The weather vane of liquor stocksKweichow MoutaiThe increase in 2020 will also exceed 70%. In 2021, the share price per share will exceed the 2,000 yuan mark. As of the close of January 11, the totalMarket valueHas reached 2.64 trillion, firmly occupying the throne of the A-share market value champion.

However, on January 11, liquor stocks experienced a sharp correction, and the liquor index (884705) fell 4.84% throughout the day.

The stocks involved in the concept of liquor plummeted,Juli RiggingElite,youthHaitianST Coconut IslandLimit down.includeShanxi FenjiuYanghe sharesThe 17 stocks included fell more than 5%.Only in the plateAlcoholic liquorKouzijiaoKweichow MoutaiRise slightly.

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