Another strike in childcare, limited number of locations participate

Today, childcare workers are again on strike. The FNV reports that this involves employees at 660 locations across the country, almost 4 percent of the total. That does not mean that those locations will also close as a result, that depends on the number of employees on strike at that location.

The union expects at least 4000 employees to go to The Hague to make themselves heard. The employees are angry about the collective labor agreement agreements made by employers’ umbrella organizations BK and BMK with CNV. According to FNV, this contains “no good agreements to tackle the high workload in the short term”. Strikers are also expected in other places: 300 in Assen and 150 in Weert.

Consequences for ‘small group of parents’

“I expect that there is a small group of parents who experience nuisance,” says spokesperson Jellesma of the BOinK parents’ association. “Of course it is not the case that FNV is after that. It is very annoying for parents that a location may close, but the underlying problem is indeed serious.” Jellesma is referring to the high workload, which he believes is caused by the tight labor market.

It is the second national strike in a few months. On July 8, employees even on the street. At that time, according to the union, 3000 employees were involved. So now a little more people are expected.

Domes not to Malieveld

The FNV has also invited the two umbrella organizations that concluded the collective labor agreement with the CNV to come to Malieveld. BMK left know earlier in a press release not to go into this and does not think this is the right time. According to BMK, there is a collective labor agreement in which “clear adjustments have been made with a view to reducing work pressure”.

BMK also notes that the parties are still meeting with Minister Koolmees (Social Affairs and Employment) to discuss regulatory pressure and workload.


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