Another Republic of Indonesia’s Neighboring Countries Wracked by COVID-19 to Implement Lockdown


When the case COVID-19 in Indonesia tends to slop, neighboring countries are even ravaged by Corona. Another country in Southeast Asia that has experienced a spike in cases leading to enforcement lockdown.

Laos has imposed a lockdown in the capital Vientiane and banned travel between the COVID-19-hit provinces, as cases surged to a record high.

Quoted from CNA, the spike in cases over the weekend was linked to a new cluster found at the country’s garment factories, with most workers infected with the highly contagious Delta strain.

But the spike in Corona since mid-April has kept its caseload on the rise, and on Saturday (18/9/2021) the country reported 467 new cases of local infection, the highest tally during the COVID-19 outbreak in the country.

Laos has so far recorded a total of 19,399 cases and 16 deaths.

The mayor of Vientiane, where most of the cases have been detected, said a strict lockdown would be imposed by Sunday (19/9/2201) for two weeks, ordering residents to stay in their homes unless they get food or medicine, or go to hospitals.

Travel between the seven other severely affected provinces is prohibited, while entry into Vientiane requires a 14-day quarantine.

All public gatherings – even religious ceremonies – are also banned, as are activities including outdoor sports and selling street food, according to state media KPL.

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