World Another record number of infections in one day in...

Another record number of infections in one day in the US, Fauci: ‘…


In the United States, a new daily record of new infections with the coronavirus was registered on Thursday. In one day, more than 65,500 confirmed cases were added, according to Johns Hopkins University. 1,000 people were also killed.

In total, more than 3.11 million infections have already been counted since the start of the pandemic. The previous daily record was set on Tuesday, when there were more than 60,200 new cases. The total death toll is now at 133,245.

“We are in a very difficult situation,” said Anthony Fauci, the top immunologist who advises the White House during the corona crisis, Thursday after the previous record. He told The Hill that the reopening of the country happened “by skipping all recommended steps.” He did not plead for a new lockdown, but for a break in the relaxation of the corona measures in the badly hit states. In the southern and western states, the number of infections has risen sharply in recent weeks.

In The Wall Street Journal, Fauci stated that the government should do more to emphasize personal responsibility and that experts should have more say. “We need more people like myself and my colleagues.” Fauci is no longer allowed to give interviews without the express permission of the White House. “Now is free time to look for a vaccine,” he said.

Higher percentage test positive

Trump, who wants to crank up the economy and strongly encourages a reopening, tweeted Thursday, “For the hundredth time: the reason we see so many cases, compared to other countries not doing as well as we do, is that we TEST a lot bigger and better. We tested 40 million people. If we did 20 million instead, the number of cases would be half, etc. NOT MESSAGE! “

About 8 percent of the tests performed in the US currently reveal an infection. In Belgium, only 1.1 percent of the tests are positive.

Earlier this week, White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany claimed that the world sees the “US as an example” in addressing the corona crisis.

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