Another explosion in a Russian gas pipeline to Europe

An explosion has occurred in the Urengoy-Pomari-Uzhgorod gas pipeline linking northwestern Siberia in Russia with Ukraine, reports “Reuters”, referring to the Russian edition “RBK”.

Local authorities announce on “Telegram”, hone person was injured in the explosion, and gas flow through the affected section of the pipeline was shut off at 1:50pm local time.

Subsequently, TASS, citing the emergency services, reported this three people died and another was injured. They all worked on the pipeline.

The explosion occurred during technical work.

According to the regional ministry of emergency situations, the Chuvash Republic of Russia the pipeline was interrupted near the village of Kalinino, about 150 km west of the city of Kazan, located on the Volga River. It is said that there was a fire on a gas pipeline, without specifying who.

The pipeline that brings blue fuel to Europe from the Russian Arctic was built in the 1980s. It enters Ukraine through the Suja measuring point, which is currently the main route for Russian gas to the Old Continent.

Earlier today, the Russian gas giant “Gazprom” announced that in the next 24 hours it plans to pump 43 million cubic meters of gas to Europe, right through the Suja point.

Russia is not yet thinking about repairing the Nord Stream

Moscow is waiting for a full damage assessment to be carried out

There was a similar case three months ago, when in a matter of hours on September 26th they have been discovered three losses in Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2.

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The first of them it was detected on Nord Stream 2 near the Danish island of Bornholm. Two Nord Stream losses were then recorded. The Danish Energy Agency reported that a large amount of gas had entered the sea.

After Swedish seismologists report itwhich recorded two explosions along the pipeline routes.

Some days later the Swedish coastguard discovered a fourth escape on structures.

Both Sweden and Denmark, which they conducted an investigation, they concludedThat the four Nord Stream 1 and 2 losses are caused by explosions. However, they did not specify who could be responsible for the crash.

Sweden has confirmed this

Sweden has confirmed that Nord Stream was deliberately damaged

Remains of explosives were found in the area

Western leaders called the incident a deliberate act of “sabotage”with the aim of disrupting Europe’s energy infrastructure and supplies.

On his side Russia blamed the West for the explosions. A few days ago he announced it bthe ritana navy orchestrated the explosions of pipelines.

Moscow has repeatedly dismissed the allegations as “stupid”, that you were behind the Nord Stream bombings. Russian officials have pointed this out Washington has a motive for sabotageas it wants to sell more liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe.

The United States, however, has denied involvement.

Debris from

The Nord Stream debris is scattered in a radius of 250 m

This is demonstrated by a study by the gas pipeline manager

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