Another drop in the number of corona patients in hospitals | Inland

From Wednesday to Thursday, the corona occupation in hospitals increased, but the number of Covid patients also fell 24 hours earlier, when by 77.

In the nursing wards in particular, the number of corona patients has decreased in the past 24 hours. On Thursday there were 2208 people with Covid-19 in those departments, at the moment there are 2125. That is a decrease of 83 patients. Last 24 hours, 259 new corona patients were admitted to the nursing wards. Because a higher number of people were able to leave the hospital, the Covid occupation in the nursing wards still fell.

Care providers in the ICUs are currently treating 603 seriously ill corona patients. That is also a decrease: there are two less than 24 hours ago. From Wednesday to Thursday, the number of corona patients on the ICs increased, the number also decreased the day before.

20,000 positive corona tests

Between Thursday morning and Friday morning, 21,612 positive tests were registered. It is the 17th time in 18 days that there are more than 20,000 confirmed infections. The only day that the number remained below that limit was due to a malfunction.

In the past seven days, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) received 151,051 reports of positive tests. The total for the past week is about 3 percent lower than the total for the seven days before. It is the third day in a row that the number of positive tests has fallen on a weekly basis. Before that, it had risen 58 days in a row.


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