Another change. Vémola is no longer training for Mikulášek, he is looking for a new opponent


It was to be expected that the match would not end in the weight of 84 kilos in October. On September 1, Vémola repeated several times that he probably would not be able to drop so much after the operation of the knee and the coronavirus that caught him. And Mikulášek said that he would not take another weight. This is how the guardrails were determined. On Tuesday, the promoter Ondřej Novotný confirmed the transfer of the heated match in the program Letem Světem MMA.

“Today I met with Carlos and told me that he would not be able to lose 84 kilos until October 17. I didn’t even offer Catchweight to Vašek, because he had already publicly said that he wanted to compete with Carlos at the age of 81,” Novotný explained in reality. Tuesday.

Annoying newspaper. Puddle will not wrestle on Saturday. The whole gala evening is canceled!

September nothing, October nothing. Now the 5th and 30th of December are in play. So Mikulášek got more time to prepare, the question is whether it is worth it at all. Vémola should be shown in a cage in an as yet unspecified weight and with an unspecified opponent on October 17 in Brno.

“We will put our hands on our hearts. Everyone in my immediate area knows what I’ve been through for the last three months, how much I wanted to prove that I had great challenges, that an ordinary boy who had no benefits and wasted most of his life was given the opportunity to do something for himself. And now, after all the insults, ridicule, crashing, one person still wants to deny me the right to a match. This world is not a vémoland, but of all, and you learn, Kája, that we will all fall into one’s mouth once. Do I really deserve another wait just because someone is not fulfilling their obligations to the match? Who are you to say how and when you will struggle and change your weight over and over again. Behave like a guy, “Mikulášek also wrote on his Facebook when he learned about another postponement of the match.

At the moment, the card has two duels confirmed on the organization’s website on October 17. Vémola has no opponent. “Carlos’ match is likely. We are looking for an opponent and we are solving the weight. As for the opponent, almost everyone is in the game, we have already dealt with the Brazilians, etc. We have trained this. Carlos puts a little pressure on me, but from here. Above all, we must resolve next week (Octagon 16). My idea is that we could introduce it at the tournament on Saturday, September 26 in Brno, “said on Wednesday in Novotný.

A match with Vémol? Even if it was in the parking lot and there were cones and a hundred people around, Mikulášek wants a battle

It is not known when Mikulášek will go to the match, there are two December dates in the game. Again, it depends on several aspects that may affect the date determination.

“Václav does not want a match until then, which is probably reasonable. I cannot say whether it will be on 5 or 30 December, we have not yet agreed on that. It also depends a bit on what will happen after the election, how the government’s approach will change. We will also know how the first tournament turned out, if people are willing to buy the broadcast. Today it is already a difficult financial situation. Carlos costs something, the opponent costs something, the same other wrestlers, “Novotný added.


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