Another chain will improve the employees, distributing 50 million among them!

“We are aware of the difficult and complex times our people are going through. Thanks to them, we are able to provide all services at the same level in the current situation, while adhering to all our standards and the necessary hygiene and other government measures. It is natural for us that We would like to thank you in this way for their performance and commitment, “said Radek Hovorka, CEO of Penny Market, about the extraordinary surcharge and reward.

In total, Penny will distribute over 50 million crowns among its more than 5,800 employees by the end of the year. Full-time employees can earn more than five thousand crowns after increasing their hourly wage.

“We did not want to go the way of a one-time flat remuneration, but as in the spring, we consider it fairer to increase the salary of all those who ensure the operation of all stores, central warehouses and the company as such,” added Hovorka.

In addition to the increase, the employee will receive another bonus in the form of a voucher for a purchase in Penny in the amount of CZK 3,500.

With this bonus, the penny responds to the current situation, where, as in the spring, the demands on ensuring safe and trouble-free sales have increased significantly. The increase is currently valid until the end of this year.

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