Another apartment dweller… Security guard assaulted for blocking access to acquaintances

In an apartment in Gimpo, Gyeonggi-do, another resident assaulted a security guard.

The Gimpo Police Station said on the 14th, “In the afternoon of the 11th, a situation where resident A, a resident in his 30s, assaulted security guards in an apartment in Gimpo, came out and began an investigation.”

According to the police, a report was received that Mr. A indiscriminately assaulted two security guards in their 50s around 11:40 pm. One security guard is known to have a broken nose bone in the face and is about to undergo surgery.

At the time of the accident, Mr. A is said to have been stopped while trying to drop into the apartment in the passenger seat of an acquaintance. When a security guard guided him, “Unregistered vehicles must get a visitor pass,” it was reported that he was assaulted by saying, “I am a resident, why don’t you turn on the barriers?” The closed-circuit (CC) TV video at the entrance of the apartment contains a scene where Mr. A and a security guard fight for about 10 minutes and lead to an assault. Mr. A threw a chair toward the security room. An official from the police said, “We plan to call the security guard and Mr. A to investigate and determine whether or not the case has been filed.” Kimpo = Reporter Lee Kyung-jin [email protected]

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