Another 5 days, new subsidy BBM regulations apply, retooled Pertalite and Solar

New Fuel Regulations take effect January 1, 2023, Low Grade Fuel Abolished, Are Diesel and Pertalite Affected?–(document/

BENGKULU, RADARKAUR.CO.ID – Only 5 days left. The new rules for subsidized fuel will come into effect on January 1, 2023. The new rules regulate the elimination and ban of 3 types of fuel in Indonesian territory.

The subsidized fuel that has been removed is low quality fuel, i.e. fuel containing octane ratings RON 87, RON 88 and RON 89.

The elimination of low quality fuel is to minimize the possibility of damage to the vehicle’s engine. In addition to that towards the disposal of vehicle emissions more respectful of the environment.

After the new regulation on BBM is released 3 and the types of BBM are banned from sale, it will take effect from January 1, 2023. The government will also issue a new regulation on subsidized fuel to regulate the sales of Solar and Pertalite.

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The government wants to provide guarantees to low-income people so they can easily get subsidized fuel. To accomplish this, there needs to be a new fuel regulation as a regulation.

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In transposing the new regulation on subsidized fuels, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources awaits the revision of the Regulation of the President of the Republic (Perpres) n. 191 of 2014 on the supply, distribution and retail price of fuels.

The new subsidized fuel regulation will be completed in 2023 and will enter into force immediately.

The implementation of the new subsidized BBM regulation is linked to the Mypertamina application. Where the sale and purchase of subsidized Solar and Pertalite will be done through the Mypertamina application.

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In the Mypertamina application, only registered users of four- and two-wheelers can buy diesel and pertalite.

The Mypertamina application will determine low-income people as subsidized fuel buyers considering the vehicle specifications.


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