Another 2,700 people in Lithuania were infected with the coronavirus; 20 dead – Abroad – News

25,260 analyzes were performed last day and the proportion of positive tests was 10.7%. A total of 5,536,402 analyzes were performed in Lithuania.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 366,481 people have been diagnosed with the new coronavirus in the country.

A total of 5,406 people died from Covid-19 in Lithuania.

The hospitals currently treat 1,599 Covid-19 patients, 161 of whom are in resuscitation.

According to the Department of Statistics, the 14-day cumulative number of infections per 100,000 population in Lithuania has increased to 1,095.6.

A total of 1,778,916 people have been vaccinated against Covid-19 in Lithuania, including 1,643,604 people who have completed the vaccination course. 48,296 people received booster vaccinations.



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