Sport Anonymous source on Messi's situation: If Leo wants to,...

Anonymous source on Messi’s situation: If Leo wants to, he will be able to dismiss the president and coach alone


Lionels Mesi | Photo: REUTERS / Albert Gea

The Athletic has learned details from a source close to the situation about the huge impact of Barcelona team superstar Lionel Messi on the club.

The 33-year-old Messi, who has played his entire career in the Barcelona team, is not satisfied with the attitude of the club management. The footballer will sign the current contract in 2021, however several aspects made him consider leaving the unit.

The legendary Brazilian Rivaldu, for example, stated that “some agents are already dreaming of playing Messi and Christian Ronaldo on Turin’s Juventus team.” So far, these are just impossible speculations. If Messi wanted to, he could at any time announce that he wanted to leave Barcelona, ​​but he did not. The Argentine wants to end his career as a “Barcelona” player and the club’s management should make a “special” effort to change his mind.

The power of the fair in Barcelona is greater than one might think. “If Leo wanted to, he would go to the club tomorrow without any problems with the suggestion,” We need a new president and coach. ” There is a “red button” in Messi’s pocket all the time, but he never pressed it, “The Athletic quotes an anonymous source as having been close to Messi’s situation for a long time.

“If Messi really wanted to use his power, given his success and the club’s current weaknesses in leadership and coaching, no one would be able to stand in his way,” writes journalist Dermot Corigan.

Barcelona sports director Erik Abidal has previously said publicly that he thinks the footballers did not want to play for the club’s former head coach Ernesto Valverde, suggesting that Messi was one of those who wanted Valverde not to continue training the team.

“It was an attack on the players,” Mesi then commented. “People say that I control everything – which coach is fired and who is hired, and that I have too much power. Such statements are incomprehensible, especially if it is made by a representative of the club. ”

The Athletic writes that Messi’s comments to Abidal were not sudden, but that the footballer had been thinking about him for a long time.

It is clear that Mesi always takes into account what Barcelona says, because it is important for the team that he is happy. Also, several facts show that Messi has no problem respecting the activities of the club without imposing its wishes. For example, Messi wanted the club to recover Neymara, but instead a contract was signed with Antoine Grizman. Also, since 2014, none of Barcelona’s more than 30 dearest newcomers has been a friend or teammate of Mesi in the Argentine national team, indicating that Mesi has not played the role of general manager in determining who to sign contracts with.

The fair has been recognized six times as the best football player of the year on the planet, which is a record. He has spent his entire career in Barcelona.


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