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This year it didn’t seem to go well for the well-known Netherlands and their relations. Yolanthe Cabau, Marco Borsato, Wendy van Dijk, André Hazes and Nicolette Kluijver; they all saw things go wrong this year.

For most people it will be a bit of a dig, but we immediately started a relationship disaster in 2019: the year was just a week old when Wendy van Dijk and Erland Galjaard announced that their marriage had ended in difficult weather.

The magazines were full of it: Wendy would have fallen for the charms of personal trainer and colleague Rob Boekema, Erland was no longer living at home and the question was whether it would all be alright.

However, those stories were quickly referred to the realm of fables: Wendy and Erland no longer lived together, but worked hard on their relationship in therapy. Rob really was no more than a colleague and indeed: it was actually quite fast that Wendy and Erland were together again.

The fact that they both made the switch to SBS will undoubtedly have helped: lying next to your television competitor in bed, still sleeps less peacefully.

“Always the best friends”

Entertainment enthusiasts had not recovered from the Wendy shock, or Nicolette Kluijver had a bomb burst. The Expedition Robinsonpresenter announced through Instagram that she and her husband Joost Staudt split up, but would always remain the best friends.

Because the message had disappeared from Instagram a few hours later, it was unclear what was really going on. Had Nicolette given an update too often on her Instagram page with a drink, or was it perhaps a hacker like Chanty Janzen’s case with Wendy van Dijk?

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Nicolette decided not to dwell too long on the deleted message and announced that she and Joost would work hard on their relationship. Despite stories about a new home for Joost and another man for Nicolette, it seems that the two have come out. We do not know for sure, however: Nicolette says little about it.

“I messed up”

Whether we may speak of a divorce or not, it is certain that the relationship between Yolanthe Cabau and Wesley Sneijder did not survive this year. The presenter and the football player announced in March that their marriage was not going well and it soon became clear why.

“I blew it. Several times. My family deserves rest. I ask for respect for our privacy again. We are not yet divorced,” said Wesley on Instagram. It was almost impossible that Wesley had made a mistake, it was concluded everywhere.

Also from Yolanthe it was made clear that there was no question of a divorce, but what do you call it when two married people separate?

We do not know whether it will still be okay, because Yolanthe has not commented once on the entire situation. One thing is certain: Yolanthe no longer wears her wedding ring.

A very close friendship

Just about the last known Dutchman whom you expect would go wrong in the area of ​​relationships, this year went for the ax. Marco Borsato appeared to have had an affair with pianist Iris Hond. Years ago, of course, but now it suddenly came out.

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Privately told us that Iris and Marco had met during an edition of Symphonica in Rosso, at the time of the bankruptcy of Marco’s company, and would have had an affair for years afterwards. Nonsense, Marco said. Not from the affair, but from those years.

“At that time, about ten years ago now, there was indeed a friendship that went beyond what I had anticipated. However, this situation was very short-lived,” said Marco on Instagram.

While Marco and Leontine radiated to the outside world that this affair would not cost their relationship, Iris has said little about the whole situation. She continued to search for the true in her own reality program. Unfortunately, she was less successful there.

No quarrel

Monica Geuze and Lars Veldwijk proved this year that a relationship breakdown does not always have to lead to mud throwing and drama. The vlogger and footballer announced that they were separating in November and also immediately emphasized that there was still a great deal of mutual respect.

“After a few good years, we decided to part with each other. There is no question of a fight and our beautiful daughter will always be number 1 for both of us!”, The two posted on social media.

The couple had already been in doubt about the future for a long time and when buying a new home, the decision was made: they did not want to continue together.

“Who this is makes it even more painful”

For a brief moment, 2019 felt like a repeat of a year earlier: did we all get a fuss again between André Hazes and Monique Westenberg, where everything will ultimately be all right? Well no. 2019 went very differently: the two finally broke up and it turned out to be accompanied by all sorts of drama.

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Because the official statement that the couple brought out, only turned out to be from André, and Monique made it unclear on social media that she did not agree with the way things had gone.

“Today André told me through an app that he has feelings for another woman with whom he has been in contact for a while. Who this is makes it even more painful. has everything to do with this “, says Monique on Instagram.

Who was that woman then? Less than 24 hours after this shocking message we received a much more shocking revelation: it was about Bridget Maasland. The brand new couple got the hang of it on social media and well-known friends of André say it can’t take long before this relationship comes to an end. We will see: for the time being everything indicates that Bridget and André are having champagne together on New Year’s Eve.

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