Annoying pain from Felix and Dada? The (beloved) son died under the train

The student filmmaker of the Kazakh director deals with motherly love, which is so strong that the son, played by Felix Jr., leads to suicide, jumps under the wheels of a moving train. “I can say Felix acted brilliantly, he was amazing.” the father is proud Slováčekwho went to the Humanita cinema in Prague for the premiere of the film, of course, with his wife Dada.

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“I know my son is good at the theater, but he can play his first role – and at the same time very hard – so brilliantly, I stared.” comments the saxophonist who went with Dada right after Saturday’s screening to celebrate his son’s success in a Croatian restaurant. “I thought this way and said to myself that at my age, it should still be celebrated,” says Slováček, who will be 79 years old in a few days. And even though it’s not logs yet, it will be a big celebration.

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