Announcer Kim Nam-hee “IQ 156 from Mensa…I’m not sure 1 problem in SAT language field”

MBC Every1’Korean Foreigners’ broadcast screen capture © News1

Announcer Kim Nam-hee showed off his unique charm.

On the afternoon of the 13th, MBC Every1’Korean Foreigners’ showed Kim Joo-hee, Kim Gyu-jong, Kim Chul-min, and Kim Nam-hee appearing in a quiz confrontation.

On this day, Park Myung-soo picked Kim Nam-hee as the team’s ace and introduced that he was from Mensa, where the top 2% of the world‘s intelligence gathered.

Kim Nam-hee said, “I was curious about IQ, so I tested it, but 156 came out.” He said, “(Mensa) exams are not that difficult,” he said. “As people in our country are so smart, I think that if you try them, you will be able to become Mensa.”

Kim Nam-hee also revealed other special histories. MC Kim Yong-man asked Kim Nam-hee, “It is said that only 1 question was wrong in the SAT language area,” and Kim Nam-hee said, “I didn’t study the language area because I was in science, but only 1 question was wrong.”

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