Announce divorce Cao Ge! Wife Wu Suling “published 234 words” confirming: 14 years of marriage is over | Entertainment Star News | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Reporter Cai Weixin/Taipei Report【Published at 18:15 on 11/26|Updated at 19:13: Added audio and video

▲ Cao Ge (left) divorced his wife.

The “King of Golden Songs” Cao Ge and his wife Wu Suling repeatedly hit the rocks before their 14-year marriage.

Wu Suling’s statement:

We ended our 14 year marriage

There are so many beautiful episodes along the way, in the second half of the marriage the other often lives with an attitude that can’t understand each other, this way makes us think, no one is right and who is wrong, we worked a lot together. in this marriage. 14 years cannot be crossed out in each other’s life experience. Ultimately, we chose to end the marriage relationship and let each other return to their original position. We hope that by returning to this relationship, we can understand each other. If we choose this way, we are at peace and blessed with each other, please give us the privacy and space we need.

A peaceful resolution is the common wish of both of us. Thank you for your concern these days!

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