Anneke fights against pedo party: ‘We must protect our children’

The Party for Charity, Freedom & Diversity wants to participate in the elections next March. Previous attempts in 2006 and 2010 failed, but now founders Nelson Maatman and Norbert de Jonge are trying again.

At the beginning of this month they came up with their new party program in which they indicate that they strive for sexual freedom for all ages. The party wants to abolish the legal age limit for being sexually active. The possession of child pornography and sex with animals must become legal, the founders say.

When Anneke (last name known to editors) looked at the party positions, her hair stood on end. “I have to do something about this,” was her first thought. She decided to start a petition to stop and ban the party. The petition is presented in the Lower House as a citizens’ initiative along with 500,000 signatures.

The petition spread like wildfire over the internet. The counter was up at noon today more than 470,000 signatories. “I never expected it to get so many autographs, that’s fantastic.”

Anneke wants all children to grow up in a safe Netherlands. According to her, a pedo party does not fit in there. “Of course, pedophilia will continue to exist without this party and there are enough pedophiles who do not express their desires. It is crazy for words that a party like the PNVD can be founded. The attention they ask for, there is a risk. that a network is being built in which child pornography can also be shared and sex with children is glorified. “

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Pedophilia is not punishable

A pedophile is a person with sexual feelings for children under the age of 13. Pedophilia is a sexual preference and not punishable in the Netherlands.

Sexual abuse of children, together with viewing and downloading child pornography, is punishable. This does not always happen by pedophiles: a majority of child abusers have no pedophilic feelings, but are struggling with antisocial and sexual disorders.

Anneke points to the earlier ban by pedoclub Martijn. The former board members of Martijn are the same people who now founded the PNVD. Child pornography was found during house searches. There is a criminal investigation against the founders after one declaration of the Strijd Tegen Abuse foundation.

Marcel Jeninga of Fight Against Abuse supports Anneke’s petition. “It is about our children, who must be protected. This pedophile party thinks it is normal that you can have sex with children, then you are sick in your head. The Netherlands is waking up thanks to this petition.”

That is also Anneke’s goal. She wants to warn parents through the petition to be alert: “We have to watch out and protect our children. I think we can go very far as citizens.”

The party does say something about it on Twitter: ‘The PNVD does not pose a threat to democracy and the associated fundamental principles. A party ban would unnecessarily erode democracy. The vulnerable position of minors does indeed require that we explicitly protect their physical integrity. Not only against unwanted treatment, but also against unnecessary restriction of unwanted contacts. Contrary to what the petition states, young people do not think sex is disgusting, they say this at the most to meet the expectations of adults and young people are indeed engaged in sex with others’.

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