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FC Annecy is scared. A week after their demonstration against the Red Star, the Reds of Laurent Guyot conceded a draw in Orleans. Despite a good twenty-five first minutes, and the break made in four minutes, the rest will be more complicated. The USO will logically reduce the mark from the penalty spot (30th) then return to the score by captain Nicolas Saint-Ruf (60th). This draw benefited the two rivals of Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, FBBP01 and FC Villefranche Beaujolais won and passed in front of the Reds. The Bressans, who have the best attack in National, take control of a podium made up 100% by AuRA clubs.

Bastia Borgo gives in at the end of the match

In an evening marked by four draws, FC Bastia Borgo, red lantern at the kickoff, believed to hold its first victory. It was without counting on Chambly, however reduced to ten after the expulsion of Lucas Camelo (81st). The Corsicans thus remain last. In the other results, Stade Lavallois snatches the derby and overthrows Le Mans after being led. Geoffray Durbant scored his 5th and 6th goals in 7 matches, and takes the lead in the scorers standings, ahead of Romain Spano (Annecy). SO Cholet won three goals to two in Boulogne after a game with twists and turns.

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