Anne Heche is in a coma in hospital after car accident | Media and Culture

Anne Heche is in hospital in a coma after she drove her car into a home in Los Angeles on Friday. A spokesperson for the actress reported this to the LA Times.

Shortly after the accident, the 53-year-old American actress lost consciousness and fell into a coma. She is in critical condition and has significant lung injuries that require her to be on a ventilator. Heche also has burns that require surgery. Last weekend was still communicated that Heche’s situation was stable.

Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the accident and has received permission from the judge to draw blood from Heche. This way it can be determined whether the actress was under the influence when the accident happened.

Video has been released by police showing that Heche had already caused damage before driving her Mini Cooper into the house and causing a major fire. She drove into a garage under an apartment, then nearly hit a pedestrian and rammed into a Jaguar before driving into the house.

It took 59 firefighters more than an hour to put out the house fire. The resident of the house was unharmed.

Heche has not been arrested and no charges have been filed against her.

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