Annalena Baerbock: Your party conference speech in the video

Oliver Hildenbrand, state chairman of the Greens in Baden-Württemberg:

“98.5 percent. Congratulations, dear Annalena, dear Robert. We look forward to a very strong election campaign with you. “

The Greens want to rule the country – with Annalena Baerbock as Chancellor. At the federal party conference on Saturday, the Greens confirmed their co-party leader as candidate for chancellor. 98.5 percent of the online delegates voted for Baerbock. In the top duo with Robert Habeck, the 40-year-old should successfully lead the Greens into the federal election.

Annalena Baerbock, Green Chancellor candidate:

»Dear friends, thank you very much for this amazing result. Thank you very much for this tailwind – especially after the headwind of the last few weeks, where we, where above all I made mistakes, about which I was madly annoyed. This summer the wind is turning after a winter of the pandemic. (…)

We now need the confidence to act and by “we”, dear friends, I don’t just mean us Greens. By »we« I mean every citizen, I mean ourselves as a society, the foundation of which depends on the fact that we now go into the future together. The “we” I mean cannot be divided into those who want to change and those who want to preserve. . And not everything was good before Corona either. An exhausted health system, schools without fast internet and women who received less wages for the same work. The failures of the past cannot hide in a crisis. On the contrary: they have become more visible. And above all of this stands the great task of our time: averting the climate crisis. But we as a society also have to trust ourselves to do that. I stand for this confidence. We stand up for this confidence to solve problems, protect people and do better in the future. (…)

We want to end politics that generally focus on change, but then again and again specifically against it. No more excuses, no more ducking away, no more muddling through. A policy that is limited to managing the status quo does not bring security. Change creates stability. And that’s exactly why we want to take responsibility. (…)

And this now requires a new government that sets the right framework, that invests and ensures that the efforts and risks are worthwhile. And my goal is to create climate-friendly prosperity. (…)

Climate-friendly prosperity means that we trust ourselves to reconcile the environment and the economy, that we trigger a new upswing and thus create secure jobs. Firstly, by sharpening climate protection measures so that we can bring them onto the 1.5-degree path. Second, create fair competition rules for an innovative economy. And thirdly, provide security in the transition. If we think all of this together, then we will bring the principles of the social market economy into the future. A new social market economy is a socially ecological market economy.


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