Anna Netrebko claims $350,000 in compensation from the New York Met

$350,000. This is the copious sum claimed by Anna Netrebko from the Metropolitan Opera de New-York, report it New-York Times. Helped in her approach by theAmerican Guild of Musical Artists, the union which represents opera singers on the other side of the Atlantic, the Russian soprano thus considers that her freedom to work has been hampered. Since the beginning of the Russian intervention in Ukraine, all of its engagements with the Met have been severed, the management believing that it has not expressed its opposition to the Kremlin enough.

Always according to New-York Times, Anna Netrebko is also taking steps to regain the favor of the great American houses, such as Carnegie Hall, the San Francisco Opera or the New York Philharmonic. His agents send many letters, in which they develop concert ideas including the star soprano. Without success so far. “We didn’t really have a relationship with her anyway, and now it seems complicated to start one”told the American daily Deborah Borda, president of the New York Philharmonic.

“She put herself in this position”

Even if he “never say never”, Peter Gelb, the general manager of the Met, for his part cannot imagine a return of Netrebko as long as Vladimir Putin is in power. He also believes that the soprano did not show enough remorse – in particular by not giving a concert in support of Ukraine – and that she “Put herself in this position, being a strong supporter of Putin.”

Despite the war, Anna Netrebko nevertheless sings again in Europe. At the Monte-Carlo Opera last April, or even at the Philharmonie de Paris at the end of May: interpreting pieces by Rachmaninoff, Debussy or Tchaikovsky, she had been applauded there, even if a few dozen demonstrators had met in front of the institution to denounce her coming. Reputed to be close to Vladimir Putin, Anna Netrebko had denounced the war in Ukraine in early April in a message on his Facebook page : “I expressly condemn the war against Ukraine, my position is clear.”years openly criticizing the Russian government.

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