Anna Lou Castoldi, the daughter of Morgan and Asia, debuts alone in “Baby”: “Dad found out recently, but they both support me”

daughter of art but is keen to establish herself independently: Anna Lou Castoldi, born from the union between Asia Argento and Morgan Castoldi, will be in the cast of the third and final season of the Netflix series Baby (which premiered on Wednesday 16 September in 190 countries ). This is not a real debut in front of the camera, as he had already made his debut at the age of thirteen in the film shot by his mother Misunderstood (2014), but this is his first notable role: I have never abandoned the camera – she said – I grew up on sets. But finding myself in front of it has a different impact and this experience unlocked me a lot from a personal point of view.

As Aurora

The 19-year-old among the new entries together with Antonio Orlando (Pietro) and Ludovico Succio (Alessandro): after having faced an audition she was chosen for the role of Aurora. Playing Aurora has taught me a lot of things – he explained – I will carry it with me throughout my life. a character similar to me and I found myself well to put myself in his shoes. But how did your parents make your decision to be an actress? My father found out a little while ago. My mother, on the other hand, is happy and proud of me. My parents always support me in my choices.

16 September 2020 (change September 16, 2020 | 13:43)


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