Anna Delvey addresses the public at her art exhibition in New York: “My narrative from my perspective”

Anna Sorokinstar of the hit Netflix series Inventing Annaofficially opened on Thursday its own exhibition of art alone in the city New York.

Thursday night, The Independent attended the invitation-only art exhibition held at the Public Hotel, where Sorokin, also known by the name of Anna Delvey, unveiled her solo exhibition entitled “Allegedly”, which consists of 20 works she drew while being held in the Orange County ICE detention center.

As guests waited for the art show to begin, with models dressed in black walking around the room holding Sorokin’s works in their hands, the artist herself made a virtual appearance.

At first, a recording played that said there was a collect call from “an inmate from the Orange County Jail.” “To accept this call, press zero, to reject this call, hang up or press one,” the recording continued. “Your call from him was not accepted. Please try again later”.

Although the recording initially caused confusion among the guests, it was not long before Sorokin’s voice intervened to greet the attendees.

Hi everyone, I’m Anna Delvey. I hope you are enjoying your evening so far,” she noted. “I am very excited to present my first art collection, entitled ‘Allegedly’. This is a collection of sketches that I created while I was in the Orange County Detention Center.”

“I wanted to capture some of the moments from the past few years, both the never-before-seen and the iconic, using the limited tools at my disposal,” he continued.

(Anna Delvey Art Exhibition in New York)

Sorokin highlighted how different the works are from each other and how this was one of her first opportunities to draw again since she was detained.

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“Some of the works are direct, others are more abstract and will have a unique meaning and appearance to the viewer,” he explained. “I studied fashion illustration in Paris and haven’t really drawn until my trial.”

“You have already heard many opinions, but this is the beginning of my story, my narrative from my perspective,” he concluded. “I hope you enjoy the show.”

(Anna Delvey Art Exhibition in New York)

Inventing Anna follows the case of Sorokin, a high-society con artist who posed as a wealthy heiress under the name Anna Delvey.

She was eventually sent to prison for grand theft and served less than four years before being released for good behavior in February 2021.

Sorokin was subsequently detained again by ICE for overstaying her visa and will be sent back to Germany when she is released from the detention center. However, she is now appealing her criminal charge and the ICE deportation order.

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