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Anker EufyCam 2 is now available in Germany. After the EufyCam 2C (currently for 199.99 euros at Amazon) available since the beginning of December, there is now also the more powerful model EufyCam 2 to buy in this country,

Anker EufyCam 2 is now available in Germany

With the EufyCam 2, Anker is now offering another security camera in Germany. The EufyCam 2 and EufyCam 2 come from the same product family. Both models are identical in some respects, but differ significantly on the other side.

Both the EufyCam 2 and the EufyCam 2 record at 1080p (HD). Thanks to the IP67 water protection class, both the EufyCam 2 and the eufyCam 2C can withstand almost anything, summer heat, rain etc. pp. You could use both models indoors and outdoors. Both cameras have personal recognition, birds, dogs, leaves, etc. are recognized to reduce a false alarm.

The differences? The design is left out, the EufyCam 2 differs from the EufyCam 2C in battery life. While the EufyCam 2C is specified with a battery life of 180 days, Anker advertises the EufyCam 2 with a battery life of 365 days. In addition, only the EufyCam 2 offers AI face recognition technology and at the same time relies on a larger image sensor for better night shots.

The differences are also reflected in the price. The list price of the EufyCam 2C is 239.99 euros. However, you can still use the device until January 5th, 2020 Buy for only 199.99 euros, The price of the EufyCam 2 is 349.99 euros, The scope of songs includes one HomeBase 2 and two security cameras.

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