Anitta, Natalia Barulich and their friends melt the snow with sexy posing in bikini

| 30/01/2021 – 1:13pm (GMT-4)

The spectacular Aspen mountains in Colorado (United States) have once again become the perfect setting for celebrities to have a great time enjoying the beautiful natural landscapes that the place offers and the snow that at this time covers white the whole environment.

After the media Kylie Jenner, her mother Kris, and her sister Kendall shared several images from the exclusive winter destination, now it has been the Brazilian singer Anitta who has joined to enjoy the luxury of Aspen.

Nevertheless, the performer of hits as I like The Desce Pro Play She has not gone alone, but has traveled with a group of friends with whom she has been doing her own thing in the small city and leaving a record of it on social networks. One of her great hosts has been the Cuban-Croatian model Natalia Barulich, ex-girlfriend of the famous Colombian urban music singer Maluma.

Along with the mannequin and her other companions, the Carioca has been melting the snow and forgetting the low temperatures, then starring in several images on her Instagram account in which all of them bring out their most explosive and sensual side when posing in a bikini and with open coats .

But Anitta, Natalia Barulich and his team dared more and mounted on skis they posed on a snow slope with the same summer models Who said cold?

However, like most of the posts he makes the brazilian singer In his social networks, behind his sexy poses hides a reason and this time it is none other than to promote the video clip of his new single that is titled Loco.

The audiovisual material of the song came to light last Friday on the YouTube channel of the popular artist from Rio de Janeiro and to date it has managed to collect more than two million views.

Interestingly, the video clip is composed mainly of images in which you can see Anitta and her friends skiing in bikini, while giving the camera sensual dances while dominating the snow to perfection.

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