Anime: Dragon Ball Super: manga chapter 62 premiere date


Vegeta vs. Moro reaches another level. The great fight will premiere in a few weeks. The manga closed the Tournament of Power saga to introduce a new villain. The planet consumer has come to Earth and is ready to defeat the Saiyans.

Through the V-Jump magazine and the Manga Plus website, a new chapter of the manga is shared on the 20th of each month. Chapter 60 left honey on the lips of all fans, as Moro has reached a new level of power.

Vegeta showed in combat that he has learned a new power: he is now able to separate the stolen ki from the villain and return it to its original state. However, this last character has hidden power.

When it seemed that the Galactic Patrol saga was ending, the villain merged with Android 73 and now has new secret techniques. Chapter 62 will arrive on July 20 with the outcome of this combat.

Let’s remember that Goku is completely exhausted after forcing the Ultra Instinct so they must find a last hero. Will Gohan be the one to defeat Moro? For now, the manga still does not give prominence to the son of Goku.

Dragon Ball Super will release a special edition on Blu-Ray for the United States

Good news for collectors of . Toei Animation has released different Blu-Ray packs of the popular anime created by Akira Toriyama. Followers of the United States will be able to buy these editions in the main stores.

The pack of that will come out in the North American country includes a Son Goku XL size pin. This edition contains a total of 39 episodes, covering almost entirely the first three arcs of the anime: God of Destruction, Frieza’s Resurrection and the Tournament of Universe 6.

Wanting to bring you an edition to your country? Please note that Blu-Ray It is available exclusively for the United States, but you can order one through Walmart. The price is $ 100 and the launch is scheduled for October 2020.

The story of the anime continues in the Toyotaro manga. The Galactic Patrol saga will be the next to be adapted to television. Toei Animation has not informed when the official announcement of these new animated episodes would be.

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