Animal Crossing: PC version released – Attention, that’s the catch

If you want to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons on PC, now is your chance. But beware the PC version has a catch that is really annoying.

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons* does not appear on the PC.
  • Hokko Life offers an alternative to Nintendo Switch game.
  • At first glance, the game looks like a copy of Nintendo original.

Stockholm, Sweden – Not everyone in the world has one Nintendo Switch* and therefore cannot be the new one Animal Crossing: New Horizons play. But now a new game for the PC Remedy the situation and offer fans compensation.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the PC – Hokko Life as an alternative

The game what’s in the footsteps of Animal Crossing: New Horizons wants to kick, listen to the name Hokko Life and is about a person who is in the city Hokko pulls. Players should on the PC Let your creativity run free, build the city of your dreams and share it with friends on the PC share.

Hokko Life comes from developer Wonderscope, a small swedish One man company based in Stockholm. Robert Tatnell is the name of the creative head behind the head who created the game by hand. Describes Tatnell the game as “[…] a cozy simulation game full of creativity. “

The following activities can be done in Hokko Life on the PC exercise:

  • Enlarging the city: After you have arrived in the small city, you can see that there is not much going on in it. This requires the help of the player. You have to help neighbors to build their own houses, enlarge their city and thus expand their own empire. You can player decide freely where a certain neighbor should live.
  • Design furniture: In Hokko Life you can create your own furniture. in the Trailer For example, you can see how a sofa is designed. The player not only deciding on superficial things, such as the color of the furniture, but also changing the smallest details. So it is possible in the game to place individual pillows on sofas and to design them by hand.
  • Decorating houses: But creating the furniture is not enough. Rather, the player on the PC also decide where the individual furniture should be in the house and which give each other a homely feeling and fit together. You decide in Hokko Life not only about his own furnishings, but also has to advise neighbors on style issues and take on the decorating work.
  • Build a garden: Using various tools, such as an ax or a shovel, you can build in Hokko Life build your own environment. So you can clear fallen trees, remove stones and create your own plantation with fruits and fruits in your front yard. You have to irrigate your garden independently and take care of it.
  • Create your own style: Im PC game from the developer Wonderscope out Stockholm you can design your own clothes. The player decide freely about the wildest creations and wear the outfits afterwards.
  • Fishing and hunting: at Hokko Life on the PC you can spend hours pulling rare fish out of the water at the fishing spots or as in Animal Crossing: New Horizons To get insects in the landing net.

Animal Crosing: New Horizons – Hokko Life just a copy for the PC?

Some fans of another game series may find these activities somewhat familiar. The game of Tatnell reminds you a lot of the Japanese game series Animal crossing, with the latest game on the Nintendo Switch: Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Hokko Life appears almost like a copy of the game that has been released one record after the next* breaks.

Confusingly similar: Animal Crossing on the left: New Horizons and Hokko Life on the right

© Wonderscope / Nintendo

So you can atAni
Crossing: New Horizons also fish and catch insects. It is questionable whether it is Hokko Life also the dangerous one Tarantula* gives. You can enlarge your own city by adding new ones animal inhabitr * on his island or others famous cards* reproduced. If Wonderscope so brazen at Nintendo stole, it should show when Hokko Life appears for the PC.

In Hokko Life on PC too, players have to take care of their garden.

© Wonderscope

If fans of Animal Crossing: New Horizons are curious about the game, there are bad news. Is still Hokko Life not in the trade. There is only one Wish list on Steamto which one Hokko Life can add. According to Steam, the release is still for 2020 planned. Even the price of the Animal crossing alternative is not yet clear.

* is part of the nationwide editorial network of the Ippen-Digital-Zentralredaktion.


Rubric list image: © Wonderscope

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