Anife arrested with a friend in Italy! Don’t touch me, the cop defended

“Two local police officers came and told us emphatically to take the drone down,” she described the beginning of the incident. Anife Vyskočilová on the internet profile. However, according to her German friend Jensen, they did not break any regulations and thus ignored the challenge. In the meantime, however, they were surrounded by six other law enforcement officers and took a couple of “delinquents” to the police station. And here our spirited beauty got into an explanation!

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“I wave my hands when I speak. So I touched a cop a few times and he yelled at me, “Don’t touch me!” commented on the course of the investigation by Anife, who at the same time tried to contact the Czech consular authorities in Italy. However, they allegedly told her that they were not lawyers and that they might get some. And how did it turn out? The actress did not notice everyone’s anger that her darling had solved the problem in the meantime by paying a fine of 50 euros …

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