Anies uninvited, Rizieq Shihab attempted to attend

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Head of Meeting 212 and President GNP extension Ulama Yusuf Martak confirmed that her party would not invite Anies Baswedan on Friday (2/12) attended 212 Reunion at At-Tin Mosque, East Jakarta.

“[Anies] We didn’t invite them,” Yusuf said during a press conference at the At-Tin Mosque, East Jakarta, on Wednesday (11/30).

Yusuf said the agenda for this year’s 212 Reunion did not invite parties or figures related to practical politics.

He said his party only invited religious figures. However, Yusuf did not specify which religious figures had been invited.

“Because we don’t invite those who have anything to do with politics. We don’t invite practical politics. What we invite are religious leaders, kiai, habaib,” he said.

Yusuf explained that his party had called on religious leaders not to flaunt their strength at this event. He said this was simply out of respect for these religious leaders.

“Because without their presence, the program is not perfect for us. With their presence, we can benefit and pray together,” he said.

At the same place, Rizieq Shihab’s lawyer Aziz Yanuar said his client was still looking to attend the 212 Reunion this year.

“For the presence of the high priest [Rizieq Shihab] we are still evaluating it carefully and we are still working as hard as possible” said Aziz.

Aziz said he would discuss directly with the team and Rizieq regarding the expected presence. This is because he believes that the 212th Reunion in At-Tin will be attended by a large number of people.

“So it requires careful consideration on our part, in relation to the conditions faced by HRS today regarding legal and other technical matters,” he said.

FYI, this year’s 212 Action Reunion will not be held around Central Jakarta National Monument (Monas) as in previous years.

Instead, this action was held at the Grand Mosque in At-Tin, East Jakarta with the theme “Munajat Akbar and Indonesia Berselawat”.

The 212 meeting is a continuation of the demonstration entitled Action 212 which was originally held on December 2, 2016 at the Monas camp.

At that time, DKI Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama alias Ahok was demonstrating on his statement regarding Quran verse 51 of Al-Maidah, an action led by GNPF MUI together with FPI and other Islamic organizations.


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