Anies meets Henk Hanging’s family during a visit to the HI roundabout stop


Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan review the raise HELLO Roundabout stop early this morning. There, Anies met the family of the designer of the welcome statue, Henk Nuntung. So, did they discuss the HI Roundabout Stop controversy?

“No, there is no business,” Anies Baswedan said when she met at HI Roundabout bus stop, Central Jakarta, on Saturday (8/10/2022).

Meanwhile, the family that Anies met were Genie Nuntung and Kamang Nuntung. Both are sons and daughters of the late Henk Nuntung. Anies said the meeting of the three was just a meeting.


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“Don’t worry,” he replied simply.

Anies was reluctant to comment further on the controversial inspection activities of the HI Roundabout bus stop. He just said that every job needs to be reviewed.

“Yes, all the work needs to be reviewed,” he said.

Confirmed separately, Transjakarta Operations Director Indrayana explained that progress in revitalizing Transjakarta shelters has now reached 95%. Since last Thursday (6/10), his party has also started a trial at the bus stop.

“The remaining 5 percent of the finishing work and equipment for the disabled. We are trying to serve Transjakarta’s customers as soon as possible, even if conditions are not 100 percent,” Indrayana said.

Indrayana also stated that Anies’ visit today was just a review. Although the physical construction of the shelter has been completed, it has not yet been inaugurated and is still being tested.

“Basically, the Governor is reviewing, we report that as of yesterday we started testing to serve customers, buses started stopping and transporting Transjakarta customers even though it wasn’t 24 hours yet, so it started in the morning until 10pm: 00 “, he explained.

Meanwhile, the head of Transjakarta’s secretary division, Anang Rizkani Noor, explained the reason for inviting Henk Nuntung’s family to today’s meeting. Anang said his party is currently asking for permission and seeking information on the history of the Selamat Datang statue.

Subsequently, the sky view deck will be equipped with dioramas and narratives containing the history of the HI Roundabout area.

“So we said goodbye, allowed because there is a statue of the welcome statue here, then they are happy, they, the Henk Nuntung family are the parties we ask for information. So it’s not a question of strategy, but they want to see this statue can be seen from the other side, “he explained.

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