Anies Issues Reclamation Permit, Supporters Disappointed

VIVA – DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Rasyid Baswedan has issued a reclamation permit for the expansion of Ancol. The reclamation permit was issued through Governor Decree (Kepgub) No. 237 of 2020 which was signed on February 24, 2020.

This made a big question mark for most supporters of Anies in the last local election, especially supporters in the coastal areas of Jakarta and the Thousand Islands. Supporters called disappointed because Anies was considered to have violated the promise of his campaign.

“We at the beginning of the DKI Jakarta elections chose to support Anies Sandi rather than the other pair, due to Anies’s commitment and persistence who continued to reject Reclamation activities in any form as stated in Point 4 of 23 Promises of the Anies CODE campaign that reads Stopping Reclamation,” said Coordinator of Jawara Volunteers (Citizen Network) Anies-Sandi, Sanny A.Irsan on Wednesday July 1 2020

Sanny suspected that Anies’s decision was related to the sustainability of two of the 17 artificial islands in the Jakarta Bay in the coastal area of ​​Taman Impian Jaya Ancol namely K Island (32 ha) and J island (320 ha). According to Sanny, whatever his excuse, if he seizes or buried the sea, it means that his name is reclamation and this is not in accordance with Anies’ campaign promises during the last regional election.

“There are indications that the Reclamation to be carried out by Ancol is currently a continuation of the initial plan for Reclamation on K Island and J Island, but with a different concept of connecting the artificial island to the mainland so that it is no longer shaped as an island,” he said.

Sanny hopes that Anies will revoke the Kepgub and cancel the reclamation plan. Anies, according to him, disappointed the citizens of Jakarta, especially coastal residents, for violating their campaign promises.

“Hopefully, Mr. Anies Baswedan can immediately cancel the reclamation plan in Ancol by canceling the Kepgub 237 of 2020 so as not to disappoint the people of Jakarta, especially residents on the north coast of Jakarta,” he said

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