Anies asks the building-mall lights to be turned off, here’s the monitoring at the location

Jakarta – Governor DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan requested that the lights in office buildings and malls be turned off tonight from 20.30 WIB to 21.30 WIB. Here are the conditions for its implementation.

Monitored from the top of the Transmedia building, Jalan Kapten Tendean, Mampang, Jakarta South, at 20.30 WIB, there were several buildings that turned off their lights. However, it appears that more buildings still have their lights on.

There are still many houses in the settlements that turn on the lights. Not only the lights of buildings and settlements, you can also see the lighting from the traffic flow of vehicles.

The condition of DKI Jakarta Saturday (27/3/2021) night. Photo taken at 20:38 WIB. (Sachril Agustin Berutu / detikcom)

Previous, Anies Baswedan asked for lights in office buildings to shopping centers in Jakarta to be put out 1 hour tonight. The blackout is carried out as an energy-saving action.

The blackout will be carried out for one hour from 20.30 WIB to 21.30 WIB, Saturday (27/3/2021). This action of extinguishing the lights is contained in the Circular (SE) of the Governor of DKI Jakarta Number 3 / SE / 2021 concerning the Implementation of Light Blackouts in the Context of Action to Save Energy and Reduce Carbon Emissions.

Letter signed Anies and copied to the DKI Jakarta Regional Secretary, the Acting Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta for Spatial Planning and the Environment, as well as the assistants of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Secretary. Letter issued on March 26, 2021.

Apart from office buildings and shopping centers, blackouts will be carried out in restaurants and the seven symbols of Jakarta. The seven symbols are:

1. City Hall of the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta;
2. National Monuments and fountains;
3. The statue of Arjuna Wiwaha and its fountain;
4. Hotel Indonesia roundabout and fountain;

5. The Youth Statue and its fountain;
6. Hero Statues, and
7. Statue of General Sudirman.

“The Circular Letter is also applied to all central government buildings, ministries/institutions. This circular is to be considered and to be implemented in the best and responsible manner,” said the statement in the SE.

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