Ania is my first and last love

Anna Walter: What fascinated me about Tomek was that he is a good man and has a heart of gold. I like his approach to life, the way he approaches my kids and the way he approaches me. There are many things that attract me to him.

Tomasz Komenda: I like everything about Ania, especially the character. We enjoy ourselves all the time. She is a woman with character, and also beautiful.

How do you remember your first date?

AW: The first date was very interesting, we talked about it, we talked to each other. Tomek was with me because we wanted peace, without the sight of others, alone, without spectators.

TK: It might not be so peaceful in the public space. People recognize me often, but they are always nice contacts. Nevertheless, I was very stressed before the date, because who wouldn’t be stressed by a date with such a woman! It was also then that we kissed for the first time.

And as you can see you fell in love with each other! Was it easy after previous experiences?

AW: I was 14 years old in a previous relationship. I have bad memories of that period, because psychological violence started very quickly, and the last two years it was really hard, because this situation started to affect the children too, so I just ran away. At Tomek I found what I had not experienced before, i.e. love, respect and the fact that he takes my opinion into account, he loves me and my children and cares for us as best he can.

TK: Ania is my first and last love. We are not a perfect relationship, we sometimes argue, but then the coolest moment comes, which is an apology.

What is your everyday life like? Tom is bringing you coffee to bed?

AW: I get up first because I’m taking my younger son to kindergarten. When I come back, Tom is already on his feet, waiting for me with coffee. These are nice mornings. He also cooks delicious dinners.

TK: Before the prison, I watched my mother cook and I still remember something. I like to eat and cook what tastes best, which is of course dumplings.

What else are you doing together?

AW: We like watching skits, cabarets and nature films. Tomek also advises me with the wardrobe, although he is a type of jealousy.

TK .: I don’t let her wear dresses, and I don’t let her wear tight clothes either (laughs).

Are you already making plans for the future?

TK: I dream of a grand wedding that we are planning next year. I am also overwhelmed with joy, because in two months the dream son will appear in the world.

AW: His name will be Filip, Tomek chose it.

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