Ania ¦wiątczak said goodbye to dark hair. Now it looks completely different! The celebrity hairdresser is responsible for her metamorphosis

Ania ¦wi ± tczak for years she has been faithful to her dark hair. It was in this hairstyle that she appeared many years ago in the program “Chance for Success”, where she charmed with her voice and won the audience’s sympathy. When she was a wife Micha³a Wi¶niewskiego experimented with the appearance. We could admire her even in red hair. For a while she was also blonde, but after a while she returned to her roots. Until now! The singer decided to change her image. How does it look like?

Ania ¦wiątczak has changed her hairstyle!

Celebrities got us used to the fact that they don’t like routine and constantly experiment with their appearance. It is similar in the case of the vocalist of the band Ich Troje, Ania ¦wi ± tczak. The celebrity changed not only the color, but also the length of her hair – she extended it by ten centimeters. She chose a slanted long bob, which has recently become very popular. Moreover, Ania has brightened her hair and there is no trace of the dark color. The celebrity hairdresser, Kajetan Góra, is responsible for its metamorphosis. The stylist boasted about the metamorphosis he made on Instagram. There were also many recordings of the metamorphosis on his InstaStories. Kajetan presented the transformation from A to Z.

Kajetan Góra and Ania ¦wi ± tczak Instagram @kajetangora

In the videos you can see that they both had a good time. There was also a common singing on TikToku with the use of the famous Shrek melody. This is not the first time that Kajetan has taken care of Ania’s hairstyle. The singer visited it already in March this year, and we could also see the effects on the web. I must admit that in this shade Ania looks fresh and radiant! How do you like it in the new version?

Ania ¦wi ± tczakAnia ¦wi ± tczak Instagram @kajetangora

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