Angry MKD secretary general did not apologize for preventing IPW from entering the DPR via the front gate


Court of Honor of the House (MKD) The DPR will convene the Secretary General of the DPR RI, Indra Iskandar, following the issue of the President IPW Sugeng Teguh was prevented from entering the DPR through the main gate. Deputy Chairman of DPR MKD Habiburokhman said his party was furious because up to now Indra Iskandar had not apologized for the incident.

“We will call the Secretary General of DPR RI, we will invite him, because even though Mr. Sugeng considered the problem solved because we apologized, we are also confused about this, we MKD DPR RI apologize for yesterday’s incident, how come Didn’t the Secretary General ask? -sorry, what the hell are we? do not do it ah, “Habiburokhman told reporters in the DPR MKD room on Tuesday (9/27/2022).

Habiburokhman said: MKD The DPR will convene Indra Iskandar this afternoon around 14.00 WIB. He said that his side of him will ask the reason and find a solution to the difficulty of entering the DPR RI building.


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“We have to empathize with the community, it is very difficult to enter here, I am just a member of the DPR sometimes it is a bit difficult, I do not know my fellow journalists, now we have invited the community, so the witnesses here do not t to get fees and so on, it’s hard … still like yesterday. That’s why we want to find a solution, “he said.

Furthermore, the deputy head of the Party Gerindra has not denied that the general secretary of the DPR RI has the task of regulating the traffic of guests entering the DPR. However, he asked not to allow the bylaws to prevent people from entering the RI Presidential Decree.

“It is true that the Secretary General has a heavy duty like handling guest traffic here, but don’t ignore the right of people to come here, to get services here, what’s more, he doesn’t ask for services, but wants to help transport out. from the duties of the Presidential Decree, at 14.00 we invite the Secretary General here “, he said.

IPW chair history excluded from entry

President of the Indonesian Police Watch (IPW) Sugeng Teguh Santoso admitted that Pamdal was prevented from entering the front door of the DPR building. It was headed through the back door of the DPR.

“The IPW canceled participation in the MKD DPR RI due to discrimination in treatment and lack of respect by the DPR leadership towards citizens who would enter the DPR building through the main door. The reason is that the main entrance is reserved for members of the DPR, “explained Sugen.

Sugeng said he was ordered by the local police officer to go through the back door. Sugeng later admitted that he was surprised, even though he brought a letter of invitation regarding the agenda of the IPW meeting with Mr. MKD signed by the leadership of the Chamber of Deputies.

“However, when he entered the front door of the DPR building, Pamdal was barred from entering and entering because there was an order from the president of the DPR and the secretary general of the DPR that guests had to go through the door. on the back, ”Sugen explained.

“In fact, when he wanted to enter the DPR building, the IPW president had shown a letter of invitation from the DPR RI which was signed by the RI vice president of DPR / Korkesra A Muhaimin Iskandar,” he continued.

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