Angry Felix Slováček after the life award: DADA STARTED DRINKING AGAIN

“She couldn’t go with me. He’s flying in it again. It would be a shame. She doesn’t even know where I went. “ said Aha! Felix, saying that communication with Dada is impossible again. “I do not know when this period will pass again. I hope soon, “he added Slováček. He returned home from the festival, which took place in the Italian seaside town of San Remo, on the night from Sunday to Monday, and right at the airport he joyfully boasted a dolphin. Thus, the prize for his life’s work Gef Music Award, for which he received a certificate stating that this year the Czech Republic is winning the prize, namely “brilliant Czech clarinetist, saxophonist, composer and conductor Felix Slováček”.

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He deserves nothing

“I am really pleased with that award. I respect her, there were people from all over the world, “ commented the pleased Felix, who has already sat on the jury several times at this festival and this year had a solo concert with a huge orchestra as part of the festival and then performed at a gala dinner and both at the world-famous Ariston Music Theater. “I had a wonderful hotel and they took great care of me. It was a wonderful week, “admitted Slováček, who also looked at the shops.

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“I went to see the shop windows and I bought something. Dad, nothing, she really doesn’t deserve it now. “ smiled the saxophonist, who, of course, would like to eat seafood delicacies with his wife, who adores them, and he and Dada would also like a chilled white deck by the sea. “But it didn’t work, so it didn’t work,” said Felix dryly, who would in no way let anyone and anything spoil his mood. On the contrary. He returned at night and ran to the gym early in the morning, and at four in the afternoon he was already rehearsing for an evening concert at the U hasičů Theater. “Having a lot of work is my biggest wake-up call,” says Slováček.

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